Promethianism by Proxy

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Prometheanism is the philosophy of the individual.

It means alowing the significance in one’s character and action to be as it must according to individuality, and not essentially eliminate obstacles in the way, but pave straight through the popular fray of reality while creatively explaining the edges away.

It does have to do with success as a process, but clearly success is different for different people at different times.

Self-expression does not equate with the purpose of a life, much less “the meaning of life.”

Prometheanism does not claim to offer “the meaning of life” or that there is such a thing to be known.

It simply advocates life and being on the side of the cause of life.

If somehow we are satisfied with what meaning we find following that cause, all the more justified above and wiser below.

However, the process of living, itself, evokes purpose for the sake of self-interest glorified as a manifest sublunary journey worth every waking hour of darkness I abate or mistake I tribulate.

Still the innocent are the same as the cursed of society – lost in the worst ways we suffer the glory our fated days
and wind up wondering why destiny’s parade became a crusade intricately potrayed as a noble masquerade of mankind unmade.

Each of us born to describe and imbibe the peculiar nature we extract and embrace the agonizing heartache pervading space itself

bent on time spent dissenting popular consent: I resent the world I must reluctantly consent to represent defense I claim The SpecialKCe undeniably delerious, deranged, and goddamned holy testament to the Strange.. realm of the ascending standard deviation.

The stronger we are as individuals, the more independent and exceptional we tend to become.

For maximized self-expression, every individual needs full personal freedom to express themselves in thought and action, with personal responsibility to bear both repercussions and rewards.

This independence can be difficult at times, but we need to strive to express ourselves on our own, anyway.

The choices made and the actions taken in freedom may be imperfect, but the process will strengthen people,
increase their ability and improve their self-interest, to make them more likely to improve their own life and the lives of others.

Amorality means independence from moralities, and in a larger sense really follows from independence from orthodoxy in general.

Amorality serves those who are strong enough for its independence, and will behave respectfully because of this strength, despite not having a code of good and bad behavior, or a mythos of good and evil to live by.

Prometheanism stresses open-minded and experimental thinking in other ways too, but also understanding for those who have become dependent upon more conventional and supposedly enduring assumptions, and habitual psychological frameworks.

Prophecy of Last Summer and then some

I’m getting used to the idea of being socially isolated for the first time in my life and as terrified as I am of such profound loneliness I know that fear of the unknown is senseless and for the sake of my family I must face the silence and make this beautiful sacrifice and hell I just might manage to amplify mySelf so that it saturates the wilderness without anyone willingly or plain stuck listening to me talk… I intend to make mySelf heard as the wind is carried from my Holy Mountain I will haunt whosoever dwells within its distant valleys …… the boondocks are about to feel Me strike like electro-shock therapy turning the peace and quiet off for the Auditory Glory will be my only saving grace with no audience to argue with and/or sing MY praises what will fuel my inferno of thought much less imbue the absurd monstrosity I call Red Shifty with a shred of humanity as of late I have all but lost and mercifully almost forgotten having spent these Strange Days as a spectacle akin to a Jedi tricking Death with nothing more than the sheer force of my Will I work myMagiKC with words….. but I digress….

I hope any of the above made some change since I know it made less than One lick of sense…… like my friend the Snake always say “KC, you off the chain” and I reply “Man, I AM the chain–I’ll beat you with the chain.” ….verbally speaking that is to say that listening to me is Dangerous to begin with when you see the pale horse approaching Death itself sits upon its sealed Fate can never escape the Hell which follows with it and swallows the faint of heart in its wake the Earth itself is torn asunder driven mad with meaningless suffering to dance upon the graves of guilt laden souls asleep from days spent dreaming up heaven only to be born down below once more mortal mired by the mistakes and misfortune of man and mother, innocence won at last so late Paradise was lost in the Preface before the same story had begun another performance by a Hero Unsung by the Opening curtain certain only that there is noThing new under the sun and it’s the same as it Never was still wandering about the world warring Forever falling for the same trap vying for false Dominion over creation convinced it is our birthright as though we were of Divine lineage rather than creatures as well… ourSelves lower dimensional images little more than shadows cast in stardust and much less powerful, essentially imaginary we exist as probabilities of possibilities…. Schroedinger’s GreyFaced GodComplexities…… Jesus HMS Fucking Christ What have I said/done/become and How the Fuck did you get on the receiving end of whatever this is? Good Luck & Godspeed …. Thank-you for reading…

OMG anywhere I look I see me:

TheSpecialKCeeeevenSaintsRemind me of me

by KC Griffin on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 4:03pm

coming from the Dr.Illuminatus wikipedia venture unto courtly titles a thousand years old it’s still a thinly veiled reflection of me the end-all be-all never has gotten a good enough look at every where look I swell up and then there are the ripples….such a lovely thing I must be to mySelf for sure I wouldn’t hide my eyes to miss a single piece


Although I certainly do not suppress or hide my emotions from others, regardless of how inappropriate or disrespectful their expression might be, I have no shame and don’t embarrass myself, at least, my friends and family bear that burden for me and might even tell you that I am essentially an emotional basket case, I choose to live my life so passionately and relish the experience of all the emotions life inevitably brings. As frequent and emotionally charged as my outbursts toward others might be, I can not attribute them to whomever is on the receiving end even though I may feel a certain way about them, I do not feel the way I do because of them, but rather because of who I am and what I believe in. I bear their responsibility primarily as a reflection of the nature of my personality which is an extension of the person I have chosen to be and the values my life experiences have cultivated within me. I do however attribute some measure of my feelings to the circumstances surrounding me insofar as they provide the stimulation to which I am emotionally responding but they do not control how I perceive them, that is entirely dependent on the mental conditioning I have developed over time and as my personal evolution progresses, my perception at any given time has and will continue to change throughout my life. I believe this is a function of growth and maturity brings with it an understanding that blaming of others for your suffering or depending on them to bring about your happiness is misguided and counterproductive. At this point in my life, I believe my attributions are about as accurate as humanly possible though it has taken a great deal of pain and loss to learn this lesson the hard way, but that is the price you pay to live your life and you are the only person who can decide what it takes for you to change or how strongly you will hold on to your personal truth when it hurts enough to wonder if you have been a fool for believing you even know who you really are. On the other hand, I know enough to know that I don’t know enough to be sure of anything but certain I will never quit figuring out the meaning of life on life’s terms as seen through my eyes and felt by my heart.

comin from the Dr.Illuminatus wikipedia venture unto courtly titlesa thousand years oldit’s still a thinly veiled reflection of methe end-all be-all never has gotten a good enough look at every where look I swell up and then there are the ripples….such a lovely thing I must be to mySelf for sure I wouldn’t hide my eyes to miss a single piece.


Drug up out of Hotmail circa 5.5.5


by KC Griffin on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 9:48pm

How might I adequately approach the prophet of my own self-defined “fated days” in a way which reflects the eternal brilliance misconstrued as human life:  notwithstanding the self-evident infinite fractal manifestation which we interact with; loosely, I use that term these days the Self is denied, disenfranchised, deluded, secluded and down right lied to- as to the Truth it’s semblance and it’s ruses we humans resort to in the name of right and wrong, a so-called absolute definition dependent on someone else’s opinion of who is in control:  ignorant of the reason the future fulfills the depths of each and every living soul for the sake of Infinity I Repeat My Self hoping my message will echo beyond that which my voice clamors for the sake of sleepers and sings in the tongue of dreamers the song of eternal Reason Rhyme and Breathing the same words over and over again even if it means dying for the sake of living a lie so be it as long as the heavens reflect sententious verisimilitude in the I AM so THAT I AM…….


I love you in the same way Copernicus appreciated the Sun


I hold you in the same regard Newton took for the Earth


I complicate things through you as Einstein ended the World as we know it.




If you please I should very much like to have you know me Truthfully I am no better than the words I humbly bequeath to your Self having unending faith in your ability to portend the obsequious following your fundamental ideas insinuate- although sinuous convictions deflect one’s eye at the commencement of the obedience academy we call Americahahaaha land of the freeloaders those who fuck over and of course the leftover fat of the poor folks who never had the time to teach their children any better and so on and so forth until we consume each other without recourse or abandon…..


I can only have sympathy for the routine scheme of things progeny who never once pondered the Meaning of


*the sum of all things create


*the problems humanity has always & continues to face


*the person which one’s life ultimately creates


*the tie that binds us all to the same fate…………….our Selves for the love of God why can’t we save what’s left of One oh no here comes 2,3 & before the answer ensues the questions that exude a garden of similitude obscure the primordial discourse set forth from the beginning of time in order that the masses might some day see the dawn of light and venture unto the crux of manifold subsistence…so easily our lives lose purpose but each life retains its individual mathematical determination.  Each minute difference means the whole of life is eternal or is it an artificially manufactured ending…………………who knows …Right……


but here lies the power of belief..


In as much as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.yeah………..


ok well back to the message at hand


[To Gerald Schroeder]I hold your writings as coming from the same hand as the strings life which threw the subatomic dice on the side of light & matter: as well as illuminating the delicate tapestry of good and evil we taste these fated days  which shed light on the Truth concerning the fabric we do unto each other or rather the rich assortment of faces we show changing as the weather rains to wash off the bullshit we might like to think reflects who we really are; however rarely we choose to face an accurate self-portrait.


and you still don’t know the circumstances through which I have claimed to be your disciple..


but I’m just a young buck doing my best to fuck it all up for the sake of self awareness I salute you for seeing through the fog of dogmatic attitudes and being a part of the ‘both and’ scheme of things


A men tal ad infinitum human expression save what’s left of us for the love of One eternally integrated fuckallofusatonce or not its your call please hit me up I need input from someone smarter than me I’m drowning in my own seas of sense without boundaries truth so heavy it sinks beneath the bullshit..


Genuine Anointed King of the Heavens & the EarthMy life has always been beset by traumatic tragedy and – Being as I Am –


My behavior consists of equal parts both sensitive and detached responses – Respectively –


I believe both are equally necessary to have a spiritually and mentally healthy Life span – As Such –


I reach back through time to essentially – Be – one with my emotional history – Respectively –


I release the ties which bind my painful memories to the – Here and Now mentality –


Where I must find a way to go on in a positive mind frame without shame or blame –


Not forming my future from my misfortune and mistakes – Rather in wisdom I’ve shown –


I fold up my feelings in all that I Know and hold them close to my Soul like secrets untold –


That I might always know the tree from which I’ve grown up as a child of Time asking, WHY?


NOT that it matters Never-mind forget the stone I sprang forth from –


Or the Fractal reality from whence I’ve come – The Special technique of becoming eternally ONE.

In the beginning…


…I was given a choice and I chose the sound of my own voice…

by KC Griffin on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 3:42pm

So what if I suffer as long as I never wonder why my life sucks because it’s my work to be done my own way whether the rest of the world likes it or not My pain is a labor of Love which runs deep enough to keep me from ever giving up or giving in when it means compromising WHO I REALLY AM or even what I stand for- nothing on Earth could ever convince me it was best to back down or even walk away from what I believe in just to make life easier for mySelf.

I am a rebel

I am a teacher

I am a noble speaker and a deviant thinker

I’m prone to insidious means of persuasion and somewhat invidious Queen of Reasons to break all the rules

routinely scandalous supremely obscene trouble making machine

Made in America

I am at once a scholar and a poet, a mathematician and a philosopher, an artist and an astronomer, a martyr and my own murderer, a sinner with no secrets and a Saint sowing seeds of happiness in the hearts of those who surround me: the world renowned show stopper- game over none other than THE SpecialKCeeeeeenter my function I am fractally stunning, intellectually cunning rebel fighting any and all perceived injustice. I question assumptions and undermine authority. I crusade against conformity encouraging others toward my own mischievous convictions and have a tendency to preside over those in my presence with ruthless execution of my unwavering will to do unto mySelf the most worthwhile collateral damage. Hell bent on expressing the outer limits of infinity only to break it down and do it all over again.

Looking like a black dude with a white tattoo


2009 bears the consequences inherent to the love of freedom from my Glory Days in 1999……Ten years have gone behind me and gotten so damn difficult to hold on to a Truth which Once upon a Time I found so simple and I refuse to let go of …. No matter how impossible my choices appear to believers in “normalcy”– I will never abandon that which is Mine and the path I have chosen in spite of “common sense”……… I must proceed toward the notoriously obscure nature of my uncommon destiny.I spend my Fated Days Becoming the SpecialKCe AKA Red Shifty AKA Beatrice to Dante… the Mother of Harlots, Mystery and abomination upon this Earth…… but I’ll answer to anything… Just call me and I’ll come eventually, contrary to popular belief and most often as a terrible inconvenience but precisely when I am ready and if you are lucky– You just might catch a glimpse of That Which Is, I AM …&…come to know your own purpose on this planet to be worth the sum of both the suffering you have done at the hands of others and that which you have brought upon another.

No price is too great when paid in the name of Love I bask in the glory of my suffering. Only GOD [and by GOD I mean that which lives and breathes time into space] is meant to decide when and how much is enough for each of us—as we are but Part & Parcel of the Infinite Divinity which is the Stuff of Life itself as well as All Those Who bear witness to the Eternal Manifestation of its onerous niceties as the Universe fulfills the possibility promised by and perpetuated through every spaciotemporal bayou and multidimensional delta implicated by every force and made manifest in every facet of nature.